Advantages of Hiring a JAN-PRO Cleaning Company in Central MO

JAN-PRO offers franchise opportunities

JAN-PRO is one of the nation’s most recognizable brands and provides many options for franchise owners. This franchise offers different levels of ownership, from single-unit businesses to full-service commercial cleaning companies. Franchisees of this famous brand undergo thorough training and are required to meet strict quality standards. This franchise is an ideal option for those interested in entrepreneurship but with little to no industry experience.

This franchise offers huge revenue potential. Every major city has a massive market, and the overhead expenses are minimal. You can start with as few as one employee and gradually expand as the business grows. To be a master franchisee, you must have sales and executive experience and liquid assets of $90,000 to $200,000. You will also need to live where you plan to open your franchise.

The master franchisee will be responsible for securing commercial cleaning contracts. He will also provide customer support to corporate clients. The master franchisee will also be responsible for billing and collecting payments. The master franchisee will also establish a regular office and staff. The master franchisee’s relationship with clients is critical to their success.

This company provides premium cleaning services. Its technology and sanitation systems are advanced and efficient. In addition, it works with various industrial and manufacturing clients. The industrial sector requires more thorough cleaning. This company uses state-of-the-art equipment and employs highly trained janitors.

The JAN-PRO advantage

The JAN-PRO advantage of hiring a major cleaning company Central MO is not just in the name. The company also helps you stay on budget. The company handles customer payments on your behalf and collects the money. The company then deducts any related insurance and tax costs. The monthly royalty check is then cut out to the franchisees.

Low-income individuals often favor the master operator model because it is less expensive than buying a franchise. This model is also ideal for immigrants or people with limited business skills. However, the master operator model has its costs. Jan-Pro franchisees have to pay an initial fee of five thousand dollars and then make 10% monthly payments. This money covers the cost of starting equipment and products.

Jan-Pro is a proven commercial cleaning franchise that provides customized commercial cleaning services. In addition to business office cleaning, Jan-Pro offers school and healthcare cleaning. Franchisees in these industries earn competitive salaries and commissions. They also receive paid sick days and holidays.

Jan-Pro New Mexico launched as a regional operation in 2007 and was later sold to Guidos in 2015. In 2015, it reported $2.2 million in gross revenue. According to Sophia Guido, president, and chief executive of Guidos, the Jan-Pro franchisee network had expanded by 60 percent.

EnviroShield method of disinfection

If you’re considering hiring a cleaning company Central MO, consider the EnviroShield system. This disinfection method is gentle on people and the environment, generating no byproducts or harsh fumes. When your property needs disinfection, you want to ensure your employees and visitors are safe.