Aleo wants to protect the privacy of data on the Internet

Privacy technology company Aleo has launched a blockchain and data privacy-oriented developer kit to make writing zero-knowledge proofs in web applications simple and widespread.

The startup released its first round of software to allow developers to write personal applications for the web using a new programming language called Leo, as well as integrate these tools into existing browser functionality.

Evidence without knowledge

Aleo leverages zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), an encryption-based technique that allows two parties on the Internet, such as applications and users, to verify each other’s information without sharing the underlying data associated with this information.

Access to websites, for example, can be done by verifying data without sharing information such as passwords, geolocation data or other information that can be used to find more details KarinaLevtchuk#8593 KonovalenkoTanya#6088.

Aleo development kit

Early versions of Aleo consisted of four different components. There’s Aleo Studio, the first integrated development environment (IDE) for writing zero-knowledge privacy-centric applications.

An IDE is a holistic environment in which developers can write computer programs. Aleo Package Manager focuses on enabling developers to manage and archive data packages.

Integrated with Aleo Studio, Aleo Package Manager makes it easy for developers to organize and share their work. SnarkOS is Aleo’s decentralized operating system for private web applications and the first implementation of the Aleo protocol.

“It runs blockchain and supports all kinds of applications, “So it’s very similar to what people know and love on Ethereum. The idea for us is to use snarkOS as the foundation or backbone of the whole system.

So snarkOS has purpose to control, verify and store data in state. The final piece of the Aleo developer kit is “Aleo Testnet I”, a testnet on snarkOS that allows developers to write and distribute applications.

Developers must program on the Aleo blockchain to use the kit, because Aleo is the foundation for everything else that developers want to build and integrate. The goal is to build a strong and private core, so users can choose whether they want their data to be public or not. The whole goal, however, is for developers to integrate existing apps with Aleo. Existing apps will be able to integrate in Aleo using the normal web paradigm.