How do you make your customers talk about your company?

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to reach more people who will become customers. But to do so, they have to create viral events. One strategy that has made many companies viral is a custom instax film to immortalize what their customers do. This strategy triggers the brain’s unconscious need to do something fun. For example, a person sees on your restaurant’s social networks that people are photographed if they participate in a challenge. This person will decide to go to your restaurant to get the instant photo frame that comes with the challenge. They don’t care if they win the challenge or not; they care more about getting a fun photo they can share on their social networks. Younger generations love to do this. That is why is crucial you must create a “trigger” that reaches people’s unconscious.

How to create the perfect trigger?

In psychology, there is behavior defined as the “herd effect” or “domino effect”, which means that when a small group of people performs the same activity, others desire to perform the same. However, to achieve this you must create an activity that is fun and easy to share on social networks. Following the restaurant example, people will perform the challenge in an especially decorated space. They should decorate the table and the background with images and texts alluding to the challenge. When you take a picture or when that person’s relatives take pictures, all they will see is this decoration. You must record a video since they have proven that it motivates people more than photographs. After editing, you will get funny pictures and videos that other people will see on your social networks, motivating them to do the challenge.

Get the most out of your strategy

One problem many business owners have is that when they create a strategy, they do it linearly. They only think of one goal to achieve. The restaurant that has created a challenge expects people to come to their restaurant to do it after seeing the posts on social media. But how do you get more and more people to see those posts? This is where you broaden the objectives of your strategy by adding “mini-challenges”. For example, you can create personalized hashtags per participant and offer a prize to whoever shares their hashtag with as many people as possible. Those who take part in the challenge will ask their family and friends to help them, and the restaurant will get more exposure to people who didn’t know about it.